Ashish SS19

For the past two seasons, designers have been insistent on embracing nineties excess, by way of iridescent sequins and towering glass-look heels. It was immediately clear when sitting down on the FROW for the Ashish SS19 show, that Ashish Gupta would not disappoint in delivering an authentic underground club experience in the versatile BFC Show Space. Models danced on and around podiums, caressing each other rhythmically and care-free to the bassy music. Perhaps in a nod to the recently changed law decriminalising homosexuality in India; a definite cause for celebration.

Ashish SS19

Much of Ashish’s designs focused on how the material hangs off the female form to create barely-there garments. From the slinky slip dresses to the asymmetric spaghetti strap tops, the fabric moved freely off the models, creating a lightweight look ready for the rave.

Clear heels were used seamlessly throughout the show, effortlessly elongating the frame, and placing all the attention on the garments.

Graphic hoodies with glittering sexual slogans were a hit on the catwalk. Phones lurched up from laps of influencers and journalists ready to video the sparkling “Send Nudes” and “S&M Sex & Magic” phrases along the runway, further propelling the idea that statement slogan garments are here to stay for SS19.

Models danced along the catwalk, their skin slathered in oil and hair dripping with water. The wet and wild hair and dewy makeup featured flashes of fluorescent colour to the eyes, a vibrant ode to the rave scene.

Ashish SS19

The British designer continued to celebrate his Indian origin with colourful splashes of orange, pink and green. Blush orange scale-look skirts and slip dresses were a successful embodiment of the club culture in the nineties. Think plunging necklines, raw hems and mini-skirts small enough to act as a belt.

Your new after hours dress code is here and it’s ready to play.



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